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First Aid Suppliers

We are able to supply first aid kits or replacement items for first aid kits for yourself or your organisation.

We supply a number of businesses, sporting clubs and government departments with first aid items and are familiar with requirements of Health and safety at work.

If you require specific items that are not included in standard first aid kits we can source them and supply them to you.

WE can supply :

  • Workplace/Statutory first aid kits

  • One person first aid kits

  • Burns kit

  • Catering kit

  • Home kit

  • Outdoor kit

  • Sports kit

  • Vehicle kit

We also supply items such as :

  • Single use ice packs
  • Splints
  • Support bandages
  • Neck collars
  • Portable mouth pieces
  • Emergency eyewash
  • Steristrip skin closures
Kinrades Pharmacy Isle of Man

We welcome enquiries from businesses, clubs and societies.

Whatever your requirements please contact us for a competitive quotation