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NHS Dispensing


We carry a vast stock of drugs, dressings and appliances in order to complete your prescription. Unlike some other pharmacies on the Island, we use multiple wholesalers to ensure continuity of supply, making us less vulnerable to stock shortages. We also have accounts with over fifty secondary suppliers of drugs and appliances and can source products worldwide if needed.

We pride ourselves in being able to supply 99% of all prescriptions when they are presented, and can usually supply the remainder in less than 24 hours. We carry an extensive range of dressings reflecting our involvement in wound management both in the community and Nursing Homes that we supply.

Drug Interaction Monitoring

Each time we dispense your prescription the pharmacist on duty checks to ensure that there are no dangerous interactions between medicines that you are taking. We are also able to check that any purchased medicines do not interact with prescribed medicines.

Your safety is paramount to us. If we detect a significant interaction , we will contact the prescribing doctor immediately and discuss the situation with them. This usually allows us to supply a suitable alternative if appropriate without you needing to return to the surgery again.
Kinrades Pharmacy Isle of Man - NHS Repeat Dispensing


Disposal of unwanted medicines

We are happy to accept any unwanted or unused medicines for their safe disposal. Hoarding medicines can prove fatal. If you have any needles or syringes to return please ask us for a free sharpsbin to put them in.

Please note: that unless otherwise requested all tablets , capsules and liquid medicines are dispensed in child resistant containers for safety. This does not mean Child proof. Please Keep all medicines out of the reach of children, preferably in a locked cupboard if there are children in your home.