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NHS Free Milk Voucher Scheme

We are pleased to accept NHS milk vouchers in exchange for free formula milk for your baby. We are able to supply 2 x 900g tins of milk every two weeks in exchange for you voucher.

It is important that you exchange your vouchers at the correct time so as not to miss out on your child's milk. We are unable to exchange vouchers in advance of the due date.

We stock a wide variety of baby milk for your convenience including:


  • SMA White

  • SMA Progress

  • COW and Gate

  • all variants Aptamil

  • all variants Wysoy

  • SMA LF

  • Pregestemil

  • Neocate

We are happy to stock any other milk not listed above that you may require.

We also provide advice on feeding your baby and preparing your baby milk.

General feeding tips - Do's and Don'ts

  • Do wash your hands before making up formula or feeding your baby.

  • Do sterilize all bottles and equipment.

  • Don't use formula after the expiry date on the packet

  • Don't heat formula in a microwave as it the temperature of the milk can be uneven and although it feels cool to tough it may scald your baby.

  • Don't prop up your baby's bottle as it increases their chance of choking.

  • Don't add cereal or rice to a bottle it makes choking more likely.

  • Don't keep unused part of a bottle after a feed. Germs or bacteria in your babies saliva will breed in this warm liquid.

  • Do make up the formula exactly as stated on the label. Formula that is too week or diluted can stunt growth or lead to nutritional difficulties. Formula that is too strong can cause dehydration or kidney problems.