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Oxygen Advisory / Training Service


If you or a relative require oxygen at home we are able to demonstrate its safe use to you in your home surroundings. If your doctor or the hospital decides that you need to have oxygen at home they will normally contact a pharmacist and ask them to visit you when the oxygen is delivered by the local agent (Island Express).

We will arrange a mutually convenient time with you to ensure that you fully understand how to use the oxygen safely and how to obtain the maximum benefit from having oxygen at home.

Our Pharmacist will explain:

  • How to set up or change the oxygen cylinder

  • How to select the correct amount of oxygen to use

  • How to turn the cylinder on/off

  • Where to store the cylinder safely when in use

  • Where to store spare Cylinders.

  • How to use the facemask / nasal cannula

  • The importance of keeping oxygen away from naked flames / cigarettes

  • Notification to household insurance companies

  • How to order further supplies of oxygen

  • How to order repeat prescriptions for oxygen from your surgery

  • What to do when you no longer require your home oxygen.

In an emergency you can contact our Pharmacist out of hours using the contact number left with you during the visit.

 If you have run out of oxygen you can contact Island express 24 hours a day on the number given to you by them when they delivered the cylinder.

If you are still breathless after using your oxygen you should contact a doctor and seek medical advice.

We also provide training on the use of long term oxygen concentrators.