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Private Dispensing


A private prescription is a prescription that is issued by a doctor or dentist normally after a private consultation. There are some instances where a doctor may have to issue you with a private prescription for drugs or travel injections that are not available on the NHS.

With a private prescription the patient has to pay for the cost of the medicines as distinct from the NHS where you pay a fixed fee irrespective of the cost of the medication.

We can supply any Private prescription product upon presentation of a valid prescription from your doctor or dentist, who has to be registered in the United Kingdom.

Kinrades Pharmacy Isle of Man

Typical Private prescription products are:


( sildenafil)











Rabies vaccine


Japanese encephalitis vaccine


Meningitis vaccine


Gardasil/ cervarix


Dental Antibiotics.



We are always happy to quote you a cost price before dispensing your prescription;

our prices are always very competitive.

If you would like a quotation please contact us privaterxquote@kinradespharmacy.co.uk.