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Smoking Cessation Advice & Voucher Accepted


We accept Quit for you vouchers.

WE are able to provide advice to help you stop or reduce your smoking habit.

Our Pharmacists are trained to support you as you quit smoking and are available to advise you on the most appropriate smoking cessation products and techniques individually for you.

We stock a wide range of products:

  • Nicotine replacement patches

  • Nicotine gum / lozenges

  • Nicorette inhalators

  • Nicorette nasal spray

  • Champix tablets (on prescription)

  • Zyban (prescription

General advice to help stop smoking.

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs over �2000 per year

Set a quit date this helps you mentally prepare to stop smoking, it maybe a holiday or national no smoking day

Change your routine such as avoiding shops where you buy cigarettes, drinking juice in the morning instead of coffee and a cigarette.

Remember the physical cravings will pass the urge to smoke lasts a few minutes. It may help to take deep breaths whilst these happen. Remember that cravings reduce significantly over the first four to five days.

Find a substitute try a healthy alternative such as sugar free chewing gum. Some smokers drag on a piece of rolled paper and get a hit from the air. Glucose tablets give a rush of energy similar to a nicotine hit.

Think positive make a list of the reasons why you want to stop smoking, not getting lung cancer is a good starting point.

Do  something  else     try to find a hobby that makes smoking difficult e.g. knitting, swimming, diving, going to the library?

Watch the money add up make a note of how much you save each day on a calendar and watch the amount add up, or physically put the money aside.

Reward yourself.  Plan a celebration each month to celebrate quitting, perhaps after a year you could treat yourself to a holiday from the extra cash.