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Supervised Methadone & Subutex

This is a service designed to help rehabilitate drug misusers in a community setting. We have provided services to drug misusers for the last fifteen years in liaison with the local Drug and Alcohol (DAT) team.

We have a quiet and confidential area within the pharmacy where Methadone or subutex is issued and can be taken in privacy from other pharmacy users. The pharmacy staff are non judgemental and very professional in providing this service, and we will give you the same level of respect that you expect us to give you.

 We are also able to provide advice upon health issues such as infected injection sites, interactions with other medicines and safe injecting techniques.  

The methadone Supervision scheme operates to national standards and we will:

Prepare doses in advance ready for your collection

Provide the dose in a disposable cup

Provide water which must be swallowed after the dose (clients may not use their own soft drink containers)

Talk to you and ensure that you are well

Provide Sunday and Bank Holiday doses in individual daily containers with childproof tops, and advise you on their safe storage

Please note: Unacceptable behaviour within or around the pharmacy will result in your prescription being immediately suspended and referred back to DAT. Missed doses will be forfeited Where three or more consecutive doses are missed, your prescription is automatically suspended and you will be referred back to DAT, before any more issues can be made. No Methadone will be issued without a legally valid prescription under any circumstances. Doses for days when the pharmacy is closed must be collected by the client themselves unless authorisation is given by DAT.  

Keep all medicines out of the reach of children