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Travel Health Information Service

Going abroad? Before you go, be sure to visit Kinrades Pharmacy to get the latest travel advice for your destination.

We can advise on malaria tablets, recommend vaccines and make you aware of any relevant general health issues. Our information is updated regularly, ensuring you of the best advice at all times.

We also sell flight socks which help to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis when flying long-haul. We will be happy to measure these for you to ensure that you have the correct size. We can also obtain water purification tablets, mosquito nets, first aid packs, sterile needles, suture packs and condoms.

Kinrades Pharmacy Isle of Man

The map below shows regions of the world where Malaria is present. Some medicines required to help prevent malaria require a private prescription from your doctor. You will have to pay for this medication - we are happy to quote you a price.  Anti-malarials are not 100% effective, but are recommended in the red areas of the map.  

Make sure you always cover up and apply insect repellent (which we also sell!).It is also important to ensure that you have plenty of high factor sun block e.g. factor 30 to 50 if you are going to a hot country in summer.

Further travel health information is available from the NHS website  NHS Travel Health Information

World Malarial risk regions in red.    

Important: Please ensure that you leave plenty of time for your treatments to start working before you travel. As a guide, order ant malarial tablets 14 days before travel, and travel injections 5 weeks before travel (to allow surgery to administer them).